vivian hordes: recent works
A monotype print is so much fun to create. It is often referred to as the “painterly print”. In the simplest sense a monotype is a work produced by painting or drawing on a support. The image is then imprinted onto a sheet of paper before the ink or oil paint has dried. Because the print has no “matrix”, it cannot be reproduced to obtain multiple copies.
Although each printing technique requires an entirely different approach in developing the image, I enjoy combining them together to produce a finished piece. The essential difference between an intaglio, collagraph, or a woodcut print is how the surface of the plate is treated prior to transfer of the image with ink onto dampened paper. Relief processes such as woodcut and collagraph rely on a raised surface, whereas the intaglio printing areas are made by depressing below the surface of the plate.
I rarely discard anything I've printed because who knows what its future possibilities could bring? A collaged print can be described as an image created from a combination of sources glued or pasted to a substrate. Printed papers, fabrics, three-dimensional objects, painted media are just some of the different materials that I like to arrange together to form a composition.
Poetry is an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response. The poems that I create inspire the imagery that is generated in my work.